Light Art

I enjoy working with light. Since 2013 I’m working as festival director for several festivals in western germany. Since 2018 light art is my hobby beside my job as managing director of Essen Marketing. My new works are:

Wish tree


A real tree that can talk?

That urges visitors to make a wish for a special moment easily via the festival app or website?
That’s new! And it increases the number of visitors to your festival app or website.

The wish tree turns a real tree into a total eye-catcher and holds a special place at every light art festival or event.

Idea & concept:

The idea for the “wish tree” emerged from the fascination many visitors have for illuminated trees. But the wish tree is much more – it goes beyond the sender-receiver functions and communicates with visitors. The wish tree is elaborately illuminated like no other lit tree, giving it a unique position. With its sonorous voice it casts a spell over visitors and creates a special atmosphere.

The wish tree is highly emotional, personal, profound and even human. It shows a sense of humour with its wish programme “Fun” and spiritual energy with “Power,” invites visitors to dream with “Luck” and deeply inspires with “Peace”.

Circle of Light
(with Wolfram Lenssen and Daniel Kurniczak)

Read more in a few weeks
Richard Röhrhoff is the initiator and producer of the Essen Light Festival ( and a member of the International Light Festival Organisation. He produces smaller festivals in Western Germany, such as the FestungsLeuchten in Koblenz and the Parknächte in Schloss Dyck (district of Neuss). The 41 year old develops his own light art and productions. Röhrhoff loves the play of colours in combination with emotional music which can always be specially written. His works address a wide target audience and primarily aim to inspire and entertain. Since 2018 he’s managing director of EMG – Essen Marketing GmbH.
If you’re interested in my work feel free to contact my agent:

Robbert ten Caten
Lumen in Art BV

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